IMOVE Market Update at IT Trans – Karlsruhe

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March 21, 2018
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March 27, 2018

The biennial IT Trans event in Karlsruhe represented an exciting opportunity to present IMOVE to a large audience on March 7.

Project coordinator Marco Boero from Softeco Sismat took to the stage to share a market update on the key theme of interoperability and MaaS to a crowd made up of industry experts from across the globe and all modes of transport.

Significantly, considering IMOVE's stated aim to pave the way for the industry-wide take up of MaaS, Boero focused upon software that will enable the sector to unlock MaaS as a truly mass scale alternative to the current transport climate. The transformation of transport into a passenger-oriented service will start with developments in the supporting IT platforms of operators and the confidence to share data between existing schemes.