IMOVE stars in TrafficInfraTech Magazine

IMOVE & MaaS Alliance Workshop: Hamburg 14/3/18
March 12, 2018
IMOVE Market Update at IT Trans – Karlsruhe
March 21, 2018

When it comes to the industry-wide scaling of MaaS, further and faster were the two key messages from Jaspal Singh, Head of UITP India recent article in TrafficInfraTech.

Writing on IMOVE’s contribution to the advancing of MaaS, Singh sees interoperability and integration as the centrepieces of the innovation’s future development. IMOVE will play a significant part in this process establishing business models and supporting services that enable MaaS to flourish rather than merely disrupt the current transport landscape.

For the passenger – the end-user of MaaS – roaming will be the focus of the IMOVE project. The Living Labs in Berlin, Gothenburg, Manchester and Turin will play a pivotal role in enabling the customer to connect up different MaaS schemes in a single transport solution. Information exchange between providers is the next step.

For more information on what will create the right environment for MaaS in India and the full article outlining IMOVE’s project objectives, please use the link below.