IMOVE Open Call for Living Labs Extension


To support MaaS deployment and enhancement in Europe, IMOVE is investigating and developing innovative solutions in three main research areas:

  • 1. Organisational measures, including users and stakeholders’ engagement strategies, organisational and business models (the IMOVE “Scalability Unlockers”).
  • 2. Enabling ICT solutions for MaaS operation and enhancement (the IMOVE “Software Enablers”).
  • 3. Data sharing issues and solutions in MaaS applications.

Real-life validation and assessment of developed solutions is being implemented in the context of the four IMOVE Living Labs (Berlin, Gothenburg, Greater Manchester and Turin) all engaged in the implementation, test, validation and evaluation of innovative elements related to the three above areas.

IMOVE Open Call

To extend the validation of defined solutions and investigate their transferability in Europe, IMOVE has launched an Open Call aimed to select and integrate one additional Living Lab committed to implement and test some of the IMOVE innovations in collaboration with the IMOVE partners. The selected applicant will become a new beneficiary of the IMOVE project and will receive funds from the IMOVE project budget.

The aim and general objectives of the IMOVE Open Call are twofold:

  • a) To improve the potentials and impacts of the IMOVE MaaS supporting solutions, through the integration of the additional Living Lab, allowing extended validation and evaluation by a test case that has not taken part in the initial investigation and design phases of IMOVE solutions.
  • b) To achieve early assessment of the transferability of IMOVE solutions to other European sites.

Cities or regional areas, already engaged in a MaaS scheme and interested in experimenting novel solutions, are invited to submit their applications to join our experimental investigation through a new Living Lab, and to become a new IMOVE project partner.

To apply, please check the Call Text and use the Application Form that can be downloaded from this page.

Compiled Application Forms can be submitted from 23-May-2018 08:00 CEST to 29-Jun-2018 17:00 CEST.