Changing mobility paradigms: IMOVE project kicks off

IMOVE presented at CIVITAS Portis meeting in Trieste
September 30, 2017

Following recent mega-trends in the mobile and sharing economy and thanks to the latest ITS developments, “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) is believed to be the way people will move themselves and their goods in the future. The “as a service” model can be a real revolution when it is able to ensure efficient and continuous alternative to fragmented mobility and car ownership. Though some MaaS initiatives have already been tested in Europe, they have had a hard time reaching scale and stable business operation.

The IMOVE project, starting in June 2017 and foreseen to end in December 2019, will build upon European initiatives, like UBIGO in Gothenburg or Hannovermobil launched a decade ago in Hannover. Coordinated by Softeco Sismat and co-funded by the European Union, IMOVE will contribute to radically change mobility paradigms bringing in disruptive elements of mobility services. Innovative business and technology enablers will be investigated to accelerate and scale up the MaaS market in Europe. As the ultimate objective, the project will pave the way for a “roaming” capability for MaaS users at the European level.

IMOVE solutions will be investigated and validated in 4 European Living Labs, currently engaged in or having plans for MaaS development, namely Berlin, Gothenburg, Great Manchester and Torino. An additional living lab will be selected through an open call mechanism, and a sixth Living Lab will demonstrate the “roaming” service for MaaS users at the European level.

For more information, contact Guido Di Pasquale:

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