IMOVE & MaaS Alliance Workshop in Hamburg – Review

IMOVE Market Update at IT Trans – Karlsruhe
March 21, 2018
IMOVE at the Transport Research Arena 2018
April 27, 2018

IMOVE welcomed a diverse group of participants from all modes of transport to a workshop co-hosted with MaaS alliance in Hamburg on March 14.< 

Although many relevant topics were touched upon, particular emphasis was placed on business models and governance as MaaS seeks to move from a product that disrupts to one that delivers for the passenger. Ensuring that all schemes share best practice and insights will be vital moving forwards into the future of mobility.  

Chiefly, this will mean the sharing of a reasonable amount of accepted data between separate operators that allows the passenger to benefit from a multi-modal service rather than a restricted set of options. 

On a similar subject, Mosaic Factor’s Stefano Persi highlighted that we need to analyse and review MaaS models to prepare for a future in which private and public stakeholders cooperate even if they are currently reluctant to do so. Next up Hans Arby from IMOVE partner UBIGO, demonstrated that, like transport options, there is not necessarily one level of governance that is better than any other, after all different services may prove successful in different circumstances. 

The keynote speech came from Alexander Dyskin, a transport expert from consultancy Roland Berger, who spoke wisely to an audience of transport disruptors as he encouraged a continued focus on creativity and unconventional thinking in the sector. One thing we could guarantee from this crowd!  

In the following sessions, attendees were asked to take a more engaged role in a series of group-based interactive workshops. Data sharing as a concept was explored in one open-table, while Uber led an intense discussion on the role of brands to both promote themselves and give more visibility to MaaS. In the other workshop, two fundamentals for the industry-wide penetration of MaaS featured heavily, namely ticketing structures and payment systems. The seamless transition to MaaS will not be possible without these cornerstones in place. Finally, there was just time for IMOVE’s very own UITP project manager, Guido Di Pasquale and MaaS Alliance’s Piia Karjalainen to thank everyone for their contributions and conclude the final session of a rewarding day.  

IMOVE, alongside our workshop co-host, MaaS Alliance, extend our warmest gratitude to all those involved and thank you sincerely for making such an insightful and productive workshop possible. We look forward to hosing other events like this one over the coming months and will keep you posted on the latest here and via twitter @H2020_IMOVE. 

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