Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

is the future for urban transport. IMOVE aims to move the industry forwards into this future. Following recent mega-trends in the mobile and sharing economy and thanks to the latest ITS developments, MaaS schemes seek to solve how citizens move themselves and their goods. The wave will burst borders between different modes of transport, offering customers combined mobility packages as an alternative to own mobility and car ownership. A single subscription will deliver this door-to-door service, doing away with pockets full of tickets for the bus, train or other transport.

MaaS offers a mobility distribution model in which a single integrated service provider meets a passenger’s individual needs with a customised service. The provider combines transportation infrastructure, travel information, payment services through one application. Today, MaaS schemes are disruptors with great potential, but a series of factors have hindered industry-wide take-off. So far, challenges have included public/private mobility integration, information handling and sharing, alongside service interoperability and scalability requirements. We now need specific action to usher in the future for transport. This is where IMOVE comes in.

The overall objective of IMOVE

is to advance the use and scalability of MaaS schemes in Europe, ultimately paving the way for a “roaming” service for users at a European level. With transnational transit in mind, IMOVE will research solutions for improving MaaS at an operational level and its underlying business model.

IMOVE will deliver enhanced real-time data collection about user needs and preferences, tools for the exchange of information and systems to enhance interoperability between different MaaS schemes and service components. IMOVE solutions will be tested in four European Living Labs - Berlin, Madrid, Göteborg, Greater Manchester and Turin - all of which are currently engaged in MaaS development. IMOVE will also pilot roaming services for MaaS at a cross-border European level.