Greater Manchester Living Lab


The Greater Manchester Living Lab currently has a wide range of transport modes, but the services are fragmented and require further integration to demonstrate to travellers the opportunities associated with choosing and using sustainable, flexible and reliable transport options. The Greater Manchester Living Lab will encompass a range of transport modes and operators through an accessible and integrated platform, offering insight into the commercial and cooperative partnerships required to develop a sustainable MaaS system in a diverse and growing city region.

Activities in IMOVE :

IMOVE will allow Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and wider partners to set detailed risks to the delivery of a MaaS system, subsequent mitigation measures to overcome these challenges, and to test a multi-modal solution that could later be developed in full as part of TfGMs current plans for a core sustainable transport network. Access to ticketing, associated technology to build a functional platform and requirements for ensuring relevant data can both inform and be drawn out of the platform, will all be investigated in this Living Lab, in support of the wider project aims. The Greater Manchester Living Lab will offer new opportunities for service planning and delivery in an integrated MaaS system, offering insight for the organisations involved and for project partners.