IMOVE promotes the deployment of sustainable MaaS schemes targeting the following objectives:

  • Developing and testing

    disruptive business models for MaaS schemes
  • Identifying and developing

    the necessary frameworks to foster the implementation of MaaS schemes at the European level
  • Boosting user engagement

    in MaaS schemes applying new and effective ways of communication and involvement
  • Developing and implementing

    strategies to facilitate behavioural change towards sustainable mobility concepts.
  • Paving the way for

    a MaaS integration at the European level enabling a concrete take up of cross border roaming service



IMOVE will boost the MaaS concept and initiatives through two main strands of activities and corresponding results :
  • 1. Investigating and developing a set of┬áScalability Unlockers, as sets of measures, organisational frameworks, operational and business models enhancing the framework conditions for MaaS development and operation;
  • 2. designing and implementing a set of novel Software Enablers (SW Enablers) that will significantly advance current MaaS supporting technologies enhancing interoperabilityand integration of MaaS schemes in the landscape of ITS and other mobility services.