The main objective of IMOVE is to accelerate deployment and unlock the scalability of ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) schemes in Europe, ultimately paving the way for a ’roaming’ service for MaaS users on a European level.

IMOVE investigates and validates advanced solutions for both improving the deployment and operation of MaaS and its underlying business models. IMOVE solutions are investigated and validated in four European Living Labs - Turin, Greater Manchester, Berlin, Göteborg and Madrid - all of which are currently engaged in, or having plans for, MaaS development. Roaming services for MaaS users are also validated at European level

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IMOVE is for


IMOVE aims at developing “roaming” services for MaaS users at European level, creating combined mobility packages for different needs


Within IMOVE, operators will have the possibility to explore MaaS schemes and explore new solutions for mobility

Transport Authorities

Transport authorities will play a key role to ensure scalability and transferability of MaaS schemes, also by defining technical and operational regulations

Data and service providers

Thanks to IMOVE, the cooperation between service providers will be improved by supporting combined mobility services using integrated data analytics

IT developers

Core ITS elements enabling MaaS development will be delivered, including enhanced real-time collection of data, tools for the (controlled) exchange of information and tools to enhance interoperability

MaaS Providers

In six Living Labs the providers will implement different MaaS schemes and solutions, investigating with other actors Scalability Unlockers